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Lawlex is a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of legal support, which can handle any task.

Quick legal assistance anytime and anywhere. Round-the-clock oral and written judicial consultations, requests on Your behalf to the government authorities, «call from a lawyer», legal perspectives on property disputes, legal protection of business – this is only a part of legal assistance services that you can get by purchasing a Lawlex membership card.

We have helped Lawlex enter the market in a meaningful, solid and modern way to reveal its character by means of graphic identification, to create a unique and memorable way of communication with necessary audience.

Thus, we have created a logo, a minimal identity package and, in fact, the design of the legal service cards of various denominations. In addition, our Studio has developed a commercial offer with a presentation of all types of services and their competitive advantages, available in print and electronic form.

Heraldry has always been welcomed and was favoured in the worker fields of Themis. The logo of the Lawlex company was no exception - in its development we decided to follow to classical solutions, but in a more modern implementation. And by using modernistic forms in the identity, we have achieved the symbiosis we need, therefore setting the right vector of influence on the targeted audience. Thus, we have integrated the stylistics of practices existing for centuries into modern dynamic realities. After all, the company's services are aimed at people who value their time and convenience of service, those who trust the experience of professionals, even at a distance. This is the general concept of the company and corporate identity, Lawlex.

In addition to the main full version of the logo, we have developed a simplified adaptive version. Just like the main version, this version is available in three color resolutions.

We also created a series of patterns that serve as well as a background and as an independent graphic content.

With setting a general direction, we created the design of plastic cards and some identity carriers.

Cards that have a different denomination and purpose are presented in different color variations, which are an exception to the general color concept of the style.

Upon completion of the identity, we have developed a commercial offer. And it was one of the most important tasks - to show all types of services and their competitive advantages, to present the voluminous information content with preservation of the general stylistics.

Strict, elegant, modern and memorable style of Lawlex is a personification of professional activity of the company in the field of legal services.

We have created the logo. We have developed the identity of the company, the design of plastic cards, which are the main product of Lawlex, and made a commercial offer.

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