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Catch 1

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Catch is a coworking space and education platform. It is a space for a community of thinkers, achievers and imagineers.

Catch offer a creative working environments for startup, young entrepreneurs and freelancers and also online and offline education platform for all individuals in the field of business supported by excellent training, products and services.

The identity concept is based on the principles of Brutalism in its modern form and the philosophy of the International Typographic Style with its characteristic aesthetics and rhythm. Thus, through design, we wanted to convey the brand values of honesty, openness, simplicity and uniqueness. After all, Catch is not just a place of work... Catch is a community of like-minded and passionate people united by one creative environment.

That is why in the development of the identity, we preferred straightforwardness and functionality, creating a design that is free from ostentatious pomposity.

The symbol is the basis visual element, and the simplicity and geometry of its forms set the vector in create of the brand identity.

Typography is an equally important element in creating an identity. In the International Typographic Style the font is one of the main ways of communication. This is what we focused on, building a design with a predominance of asymmetric typography and building it on a grid. And the use of the grotesque most clearly emphasizes all the specifics of the chosen style.

To achieve the most identity, recognition, in order to develop the brand at the stage of establishment, in the design of its own Catch products, we used conceptual elements of identity, font and color solutions, as well as the construction of graphic elements, according to the general concept.

We have developed the name, logo and visual identity concept for Catch Coworking & Education Platform.

Honesty, openness, simplicity and uniqueness - these are the components that symbolize the image of the brand.

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