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CorsaStyle is a brand producing designer furniture for the HORECA segment. Its product range includes chairs, armchairs, sofas, stacks, consoles, and exclusive accessories for restaurants, coffee houses, bars, clubs, hotels, offices, and private spaces.

A task was set to us, to create a modern-looking, stylish, saleable, user-friendly and clear website with a convenient logo. The shop's key focus is the HORECA segment. Respectively, the brand concept should first of all attract restaurant keepers, designers and related audience. And the logo, in turn, should reflect the company's image and business sector, emphasize and highlight its strengths.

It was not an easy challenge, as it is hard to please the HORECA audience. But, as is well known, the classics is everlasting, and can satisfy even the most demanding taste. That's why this solution will be the best way to achieve the goal set.

As usual, everything began with the logo. The acorn has become the company's logo. It would seem quite simple. However, how simple the acorn could seem, it is difficult to find a better symbol for such a brand as CorsaStyle, to reflect its intrinsic properties. Durability, reliability and longevity are the key qualities highlighting the focus points in the furniture production. A laconic presentation free of any excessive mottle and sophistication provides the brand image with the unique strict style. These are exactly CorsaStyle's inherent features.

The website was the next. Pursuant to the adopted concept and strategy, a multi-functional, easy-to-use and at the same time stylish shop was developed for CorsaStyle. Contrast combinations of colors, simplicity, strictness and laconic shapes without excessive mannerism highlight the company's status, orienting the design toward a respectable audience, while the asymmetric structure of all web pages, with displaced elements, unbalancing slightly each specific group, results ultimately in a common pattern and in the unity of the general composition, discovering the artistic nature and the essence of business.

As a result, following the chosen strategy and concept, a multipurpose, simple and at the same time stylish online shop was developed for CorsaStyle company. The design completely reveals the creative nature and the essence of business in an impressive presentation.

Thus, we can state that the shop is designed exactly for the focus group to be covered, and its functionalities and user-friendly navigation make it convenient and clear for any user.

When working on this project, we tried to combine all the meticulousness of the classics with the light, unobtrusive presentation, all in a stylish and modern-looking «wrapping», which will not only attract business owners, but also will satisfy designer's tastes.

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