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Horizon is a club of innovative creativity on stem education programs for children of 5 years and older. It teaches fundamental knowledge in the field of information technology.

The main focus are robotics, programming and 3D-modeling, whose training programs are aimed at the formation of special knowledge in the field of information technology, the development of algorithmic and systemic thinking, spatial imagination, general development of children, increasing interest in learning and future professions in these areas.

We had an idea to create a project dedicated to innovative types of children's education. Wanted-accomplished.

Thus, we have developed the concept of the logo and a series of illustrations for the club of young innovators Horizon.

The idea in the development of the logo and the overall concept was to convey through the sign the interest of children for digital technologies, to emphasize the uniqueness of each of them and to create a clear message for their parents. At the same time, we wanted to lay in simple forms a deep meaning that reflects the curiosity of the young innovator, interest in something new and unexplored for them, expansion of the outlook. To show a child interacting with digital technologies, looking into the future.

The point of the illustration is to convey a message such as the interaction of the child with the world of robotics, programming, 3D modeling and digital technologies in general. To create something bright, fascinating, friendly, close and cozy in perception. In addition to all this, we wanted to create an image saturated with the spirit of scientifically educational themes of the 70s-90s. At the time when popular children's publications in this area excited young minds, inspired the curious younger generations to learn everything new and unexplored by them. Wanted to capture the children just like their fascinated predecessors by the scientifically educational magazines of those times, and to remind the parents of their childhood experiences.

Inspired by such publications and posters, we tried to transfer the style of those times into modern forms, to create a design understandable to both the youth and their parents.

We came up with a logo and a concept of illustrations for the club of young innovators Horizon. In this project, we wanted to focus on the interest of children to the unknown, innovative and curious, to emphasize the uniqueness of each child and create an understandable message for their parents.

In the implementation of this task, we turned to the style of publications of scientifically educational themes of the 70s-90s, attaching to the concept of modern ideas. We showed the craving for knowledge as something mysterious and fascinating. As a result, it is this idea that we have identified as the main competitive advantage.

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